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Because of You..

So I know this post will be a little different from my regularly scheduled programming, but I wanted to do it. It's been weighing heavy on me and you all know I'm a fan of giving people their flowers while they can truly appreciate them.

I just wanted to make something that said, "Hey! I see how you ride for me and I appreciate you for it. Thank you. ♥️"

Now, in no way is this an all inclusive list, so if you aren't mentioned I don't want you to think that you aren't an important link in the Gucci chain of my life, because you are.. So boom, here they are:

1. Tashea Richards

CurlyBae: Blog || Instagram || Youtube

I would like to start by saying I've never actually met Tashea in person. That in itself should be a testament to the type of person she is. I mean, we already know she's an amazing influencer and her annual networking mixer "The CurlyBae Experience" grows more successful each year. But let me tell you what she's done for me. I'm not even sure how we got to the point of exchanging phone numbers but she's literally sat on the phone with me for over an hour while I've tried to figure this whole "being a youtuber" thing out. She's always been available when I've needed her and I just wanted to make sure I said thank you for that.

2. Jeaiza Quinonez

GyulMeetsWorld: Blog || Instagram || Youtube

This girl?! Okay. How do I say this?! She's the blog sister I never had. She's been blogging for about 10 years, just as I have, but we only managed to link in the last few years. She is so filled with knowledge and most importantly so willing to share that knowledge! She's created many platforms to merry Caribbean influencers and creatives alike and I'm just so grateful to have been a part of that. And listen, Hey-eye-zah have the credentials to back it up. Hello Queen, success. Gyul Meets World, success. Everything she touches, success. I really just wanted to say that I appreciate her for allowing me into her circle.

3. Jordan Jones

Dutty Heart: Facebook || Instagram

Jordan might be one of the most misunderstood while simultaneously self aware people I know. We've actually been good friends since 2005. He's a comedian and does a great job of making any situation a funny moment. He's also crazily business savvy. Man. I cant tell you how many times I've been wilding the fuck out and JORDAN of all people have pulled me to the side to say "Let this go. This hurts your brand." Trust me when I say, I need those type of people in my corner. Most people are here for a good time and they don't care if you self destruct in the mean time. So thanks, J. I appreciate you.

4. Sheniqua Robinson

LiveLoveTravelNow: Blog || Instagram || Youtube

Many people don't know this, but Niqua is the reason for this very site.. Purchasing a domain and taking absoluteDoll from its 9 year home on Blogspot hadn't even crossed my mind. This girl woke up a fire in me late one night in January and literally wouldn't get off the phone until I had completed a domain purchase. "Your blog deserves this. This is your passion." She was so calm and direct about it. Its been about 8 months, respectively, and I'm really happy that she bullied me into it, lol. Now, I couldn't mention Niqua without giving a nod to the other two bandoleros: Samaantha and Frances. They are constantly ON MY NECK about staying consistent and treating this blog with the respect it deserves. Thanks guys. ♥️

5. [Spencer] Giovanni

Crown Heavy LC: Website || FaceBook || Instagram

Giovanni might look a little familiar, depending on how long you've been reading my blog. He's done multiple guest posts on this and my previous blog. The fire he has for CrownHeavy is unmatched and I admire that so much. He's always the first to volunteer if I need someone to just come in and give my brain a break. Plus, he has a dope brand. His sock trainers are the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own. No cap. He's the first to share my FB post. First to like/comment my Youtube vids. First to like on IG, even though I know he could care less about makeup or whatever it is I post; I just know that he supports me.

Like I mentioned previously, there are so many amazing people who support me, and maybe one day I'll do a continuation of this to try to capture more of you but for now, I really just wanted to let what was bouncing around in my brain, out. I know that it always sounds like roses and rainbows in these blogs, but I don't always feel that way inside. I have those low days like anyone else. Having these people in my corner definitely keep me level though. So again, thank you. ♥️

Tell people how they make you feel while they can still hear you.



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