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Before I was anything else, I WAS BLACK.




Before any of it, I was black.

I don't talk about being in the Army much. Blogging for me started as an escape from my day to day experiences. I know that many people are intrigued by what I do, and I'm sure most still can't fathom how I've even made it this far, but I can say, without a doubt, being black has amplified my experience in the Army.

Whether that amplification was good or bad, it definitely added to the experience. I've been stereotyped, berated, and antagonized. I've watched my white counterparts get praised for the very things I was accosted for. Crazily enough, I'm used to it. I'm black, it's just a thing that happens, I guess. Moving forward, I refuse to let that be the new normal.

Look around. Companies, groups and people all around the globe are coming together to make the bold proclamation that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Wendy's. Nordstrom, Sephora, Gucci, NASCAR and so many others have made statements and put their moneys where their mouth is.

If you are a non-black person reading this, how does that make you feel?

As I read through the comments of different posts on different platforms I see people argue that companies are "alienating their fanbase" for speaking out against racial injustices and the inequalities regarding the treatment of people of color. Racism is so embedded in the fibers of America that protesting it comes off  like you are protesting America. If you feel like the protests and riots are not necessary YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM.  I can assure you that when they write about what is happening in cities across the globe, you will be on the wrong side of history.

Equality only feels like oppression when you are accustomed to privilege.

Black Lives Matter. Period.


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