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Black Dollars: The Keys to Economic Empowerment


When I started my business, it wasn't out of dreams or aspirations. I started my business because I wanted the power of ownership. I wanted something to build up that I could hand down to the next generation. I hope to one day pass the crown to my daughter. She could take it to the next level.

In the black community, we collectively lack the understanding of Power. Power is gained from attaining finance and influence. Without those key attributes, power can never be attained. My brand is based on the concept that the $200 spent on a pair of Nikes can also be spent on birthing my own shoe labeled with my own brand. The day I created my signature shoe is the day I took power over myself.

As a member of the black community, I can recognize that whatever we lack in financial stability, we make up for in influence. The black community has a vibrant culture that influences the masses.

There‘s a lot of power in the word No. I said no to Gucci, Nike, Polo, and any other brand who lacks respect for the black community. I created a brand and I make it a habit to recirculate my dollar within the black community.

Heavy is the head who dons the crown and with CrownHeavy, comes great responsibility. We trend set and elevate. We bend but never break. We’ll die before we assimilate. We embrace our culture and hold firm in an era of the culture vulture. These are our values that we feel are needed to build generational wealth. Crown Heavy LC. is more than a brand, it’s a state of mind.


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