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Denim Day 2019

"The Denim Day campaign began 20 years ago when the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction - claiming that because the victim was wearing tight jeans when she was attacked, she must have assisted her attacker in removing her jeans (implying consent.) We wear denim on this day each year in solidarity with victims of sexual assault, many who have suffered in silence because of rape culture and victim blaming. When we speak publicly about injustice, we give voice to people who feel voiceless. Rock your denim today. Speak out. Keep fighting against sexual violence."

-- Jeaiza at Gyul Meets World

It's crazy how dear this subject is to me. I've seen both sides of this coin and I know one thing for sure, no one deserves to be violated. I hate that as a society we have become so reactive. Being proactive shouldn't mean policing wardrobes or telling people "how not to be a victim"; it should be about instilling in these predators that THEY ARE PREDATORS when they do predatory shit. Be real with your friends and family and CALL THEM ON THEIR SHIT. Pull them up on it every single time. No one deserves to be victimized.

Protect one another.



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