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A few months ago, my son said something that made the lightbulb go off. I wanted to share it with you all today.

Here's the backstory: Over a year ago my best friend Jessica planned what was supposed to be a family cruise. Over the last few years, we've taken a couple's cruise and a best friend cruise but we hadn't cruised with our kids, so we decided that was next. Jess picked the cruise and shot me the info and I immediately made my reservation and started paying for the trip.

The thing about booking a trip so far in advance is that anything can happen. In between the time she chose the trip and the time we took it, life happened. Her husband enlisted into the Army, causing them to move right when we were planning to cruise. In trying to keep everyone's pocketbook in mind, Jess had picked a 5-day Carnival cruise with only 2 destinations: Key West and Cozumel. My sister, who was also supposed to cruise, opted for a ship with more destinations. So alas, our family cruised quickly became a mother/son vacay for Jerm and I.

Jerm and I had a blast. We documented it vlog style for Jerm's Youtube channel (located here), and I'll leave the video below. But back to that lightbulb moment I mentioned earlier. While lying in bed after the first port call Jerm turned to me and said "we're spending so much time together!" And it caught me off guard because we live together. I take him to school every morning. I pick him up every day. WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER! Then it hit me: just because we were physically together doesn't mean we're together.

You're truly never too old to learn. And someone is never too young to teach.

As a mom, it hurt to think that my son (who I live with and see every day) didn't think that we were spending actual time together but it also showed that there's more to life than this work to sleep and do it all again cycle that many of us have become accustomed too. Take a few extra moments to plan meaningful experiences with the ones you love, because at the end of the day, those are the things we'll cherish the most.

Walk in love.



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