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Don't question the Universe; That's not your job.

If you know me, you know I HATE gambling. Like the thought of losing money makes me sick to my stomach. I'm that person that plays $20 in the casino and then I'm ready to go home. You'll never hear of me being that person that lost 2 bands on the tables! But I realize that when you take risks, they pay off when you least expect it.

It's officially summer now so y'all know ya girl is wearing less and going out more! Would you believe me if I told you I got this ensemble from a no name street vender?! The 2 piece set was about $20 and well worth the coin. I felt like every bit of the snack that I am. I've been really easy going lately, so I paired this outfit with this layered necklace from Francesca's and my cognac Mini Miller slippers by Tory Burch.

But back to gambles.. Couple of the guys and I went to the casino and after watching 100s of dollars go bye-bye ya girl decided to take her lil $12 and make something shake. I lost $10 of it instantly on craps, lol. But that last $2 though?! I put it in a slot machine and on my last bet hit the $780 jackpot! Like, bish whet?! Shit like this DOES NOT happen to me! But you know what?! I'm not here to question how the universe decides to bless me. I've decided to just roll with it.

You should too.



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