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Modern Day Superheroes: It's okay to take the mask off.

Smile, be graceful, stand tall, be strong, persevere!

Don’t you dare give up!


Be better, do better, hustle hustle hustle!

Don’t be stagnant!

Be the example!


We’re depending on you!

Don’t cry, don’t you dare show anything outside of strength!

Put on the face; because being well known and well liked is sometimes a heavy burden to bear. People with big hearts tend to throw themselves so far, so hard and so deep into the needs of others that they fail to do the required self assessment to gauge the standing of their own sanity.

Sis... it’s okay to cry. Take the face off!

It takes strength to be in tune with every aspect of your emotional well being. Surround yourself with people that genuinely want to see you prosper. You have got to LOVE yourself more than you LOVE anyone or anything else (except your broke little best friends)! Life has its cycles; some days good, some days bad. Relish in the fruits that result from the labor of your good days, but be mindful of the seeds that may come from the bad. Your mindset in those trying times will determine the fruit that will bear during those not so desirable days.

But what really matters is that you come out on top! With a face that is REAL, that is RELATABLE, that is RELEVANT to your cycle.

Don’t hide behind the face.

Don’t be ashamed of that face.

There are so many people in this world that’ll love and support you through any face!

God is love!


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1 Comment

Dale White
Dale White
Sep 24, 2022

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