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All health is important, don't neglect any of it.

There have been multiple instances lately where I've had to step away and go stand by the ocean. I know I say this over and over but your mental health is equally as important as your physical and spiritual health.

Do your deep breathing. Soak in the tub. Step away. Make sure YOU are good..

I keep asking y'all: ARE YOU LIVING or ARE YOU JUST EXISTING?!

Last week I couldn't swim. I refused to let my time here in the South Pacific go to waste. About a week and a half ago I met this really sweet girl (@adventurebambi) who offered to teach me. She said she was a really strong swimmer and had no problems showing my grown, non-swimming ass some techniques. I am proud to say that today I snorkeled a sunken gun ship in the Pacific Ocean. I jumped off the barrier rocks and into the ocean ocean: no where to stand, no where to regroup and definitely no way to back out. It was magic. There were schools of fish swimming all around me and I still cant believe I did it.

The feeling I had today, I want you all to experience. It doesn't have to be exactly what I did, but please, do SOMETHING. Something new, something exciting, something you've wanted to try but have been holding off on.

I promise you won't regret it.

Live in the magic. It feels amazing.



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