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I took an unscheduled break. Just when it seemed like I had caught my second wind with blogging this year both my MacBook and iPhone decided to take naps they didn't want to wake up from. I mean, its cool. Not going to act like I didn't freak the fuck out at first, but both devices were covered under Apple Care and were repaired fairly quickly. I did lose everything I was working on in the process, but again, I'll be okay.

Once I left Kwajalein Atoll, I was able to spend time with my VIP section and it was amazing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time in the Pacific, but there's nothing like being in the presence of YOUR people. We got together and celebrated life and new unions. In a few days, we'll be celebrating #DestinationDeneus and I cant wait. Monie and Mike. They're def in my top 5 of couples and they're not number 5. 🤣

I'm grateful for these moments and the ones I get to spend them with.

Continue to love one another.



Jumpsuit: Ross || Sandals: Tory Burch Mini Miller || Cropped Jacket: F21

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