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Smile Brilliant pt 2

So it's finally here! The end of my Smile Brilliant campaign and I'm really happy I got a chance to do this! Normally this process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks but I did stretch mine a bit longer. During this process I encountered issues unrelated to the whitening process that slowed me down a bit but I'm still excited that I was able to push through.

So lets start with my before photo:

Yikes! Lemme just say you're not allowed to judge me in this post. 😆 Okay, so it started with my impressions as I said before. When I started this process I was away for training and as a testament to how smooth this process was, I made and shipped my impressions from my hotel! The instructions were easy to follow: mix the catalyst and the base, put it in the tray and bite into it as cleanly as possible. Once dry, place in the repacked envelope and send back to smile brilliant to receive your custom trays.

Once my trays arrived I was able to whiten while doing everyday activities: watching tv, cleaning up, even typing blogs! Each syringe gave me multiple applications so I was able to white multiple times a week over the next few weeks. So remember I said I had some issues unrelated to the whitening that slowed my process?! Cue the violins: I broke the filling on my rear molar. *face palm* I had been meaning to get that filling replaced for the better part of 3 years and it finally gave in on me. Moving on, lol.

I'm happy I was given this opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant and in the future if you're looking for a teeth whitening solution I definitely recommend Smile Brilliant. Who's next to go on their whitening journey? Comment below!


Again. You're not allowed to judge me in this photo. It was cold outside, lol.

You can enter code theabsolutedoll15 at checkout on for 15% off store wide!

Happy Whitening! #SmileFearlessly



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