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Everything isn't a conspiracy. We did this shit.

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Hear me out.

Let's take a step back and think about all of this. If gyms and bars weren't forced closed, how many people would still go? If international travel was still allowed, how many of us would be in Bali right now if the trip cost $300? How many of us would go catch a movie? Think about it.

I'm not saying someone isn't benefiting off this entire debacle. I'm not saying that Big Pharma and the powers that be aren't profiting from this. What I am saying is that if we look at the role we all play in how things like these play out, we'll see that there is some self accountability to be had. If our favorite artist came into town, we'd be in attendance. If our favorite sports team was playing, we'd pack out a stadium. If there were carnivals, festivals, and/or circuses, we'd take our kids.

The financial implications of what's happening in this country are mind boggling. Day by day more stores follow suit in the decisions to close their doors. Employees in particular fields are allowed to telework. Social distancing is being emphasized. But there are numerous industries that would CRUMBLE under prolonged closures. Think dry cleaners, salons, and anything else deemed non-essential. We aided in the spread of this virus. We didn't err on the side of caution early on.

We touched things, other people and our faces. We traveled, moved around and became carriers. We should take some responsibility for that. Everything isn't the Illuminati. The government (albeit shady as fuck) isn't always the villain in the black ski-mask.

Sometimes, it's us.

Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk. lol


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