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Generational curses end with you.

Why is life insurance such an uncomfortable conversation to have within our community? Take a step back and ask why is it that we frown on giving our future generations a boost into the next phases of their lives. Why do we not have policies on our elders? Why does someone asking for permission to take out a policy on you stir such uneasy feelings?

As a whole, we lack financial literacy in our communities, but in retrospect, we could not teach what we did not know. We can not pass on knowledge that was never given to us. So whose responsibility is it to teach us these things? Our youth aren't learning this information in their schools and long gone are the days of our parents and grandparents. At this point, the burden is ours. Educate yourself then educate those around you. Establish credit, start businesses, buy properties, start trading.

Those things may be easier said than done, so I wanted to include some literature to get you started:

I remember someone approaching my little brother and asking him if he owned land, but the series of questions that followed were dripping in disdain. "Is it yours or are you waiting for someone to die to get it?" In either instance, for all intents and purposes, is it not his? We turn our nose up at those with a "silver spoon" while struggling to hold on to our own utensils.

We weren't built to work until we die.

We won't struggle forever. Even if I don't see true financial freedom in my lifetime, I'll ensure that my offspring do. My descendants will know peace. I can feel it.

Make good choices.



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