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Self Appraisals: You're worth every penny.

As much as I be on here trying to inspire y'all to live and be your authentic, bomb ass self, sometimes I forget to follow my own advice. Life is funny like that. "kNoW yOuR wOrTh!" Meanwhile, I often question my own. We really are the ones holding ourselves back a majority of the time. We let that little bit of anxiety creep in, whether from our own insecurities, or the naysayers. We water those seeds with showers of self-doubt; from it grows a garden rooted in fragility. Well, if you needed a reminder, here it is: YOU ARE FUCKING WORTH IT. I was reminded yesterday. If you haven't already peeped it, there's a new tab on the site! I've decided to offer services because quite frankly I'm dope at what I do. For a long time, I doubted myself. My friends and family would always ask why I wasn't charging for these services, or if I did charge, why I was charging so little. I had appraised myself too low, but that ends now. I know my worth. And I've added tax.



Mock Turtle Neck: SHEIN

Jeans: Walmart

Pumps: Christian Louboutin

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