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If people don’t like you, that isn’t your fucking problem

The mere fact that you are living a HAPPY and FULFILLING life will anger people. The fact that people genuinely enjoy you as a person will drive them INSANE. Reaping the rewards of your own hard work will send them OVER THE EDGE.

Guess what?!


I've had dirt thrown on my name and character for days, months, even years on end. I've been the villain in other people's stories. The big bad wolf, the wicked bitch of social media. You know what I've learned? How other people choose to view me is their cross to bear. Whatever space they allow me to fill in their world is on them.

Imagine a world where we just didn't interact with the people we don't care for. Like how lit would it be to just let them float off into the abyss. Don't check their IG, their FB, their Snapchat, their stories, their blogs and YouTube videos. Wish them well (or don't) and MOVE THE FUCK on. Actual therapy (as opposed to advice from a Facebook certified psychologist) is fucking lit.

If you find yourself in a spiral of checking someone's page and constantly trying to downplay or one up their accomplishments, I have some genuine advice for you: DONT DO IT. Stop. Get back to you. Do something to occupy your time that doesn't involve submerging yourself into the person you despise. Start with 30 minutes. Then a day. Then a week. Before long months will have passed and you'll have rid yourself of a crippling and unhealthy obssession.

Just live. Unapologetically. Genuinely.

Stay blessed.


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Edward Nilsson
Edward Nilsson
Oct 03, 2022

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